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Philips Displays are committed to environmentally sustainable products. The Philips Brilliance Monitor uses recycled materials, energy-saving and Mercury-free LED backlight, EnergyStar energy rating, EPEAT Gold.

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PowerSensor is a built-in 'people sensor' that transmits and receives harmless infrared signals to determine if user is present and automatically reduces monitor brightness when user steps away from the desk, cutting energy costs by up to 80 percent and prolonging monitor life.

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Energy saving displays

Philips is continuously dedicated to improving business monitors to be green products. Not only reducing use of resources and energy, but also delivering true-to-life visuals with well-being and productivity focused innovations.

TCO Certified label Epeat Gold label

+Technology for energy savings

Economy mode

Economy mode in SmartImage menu offers major power savings. Brightness, contrast are adjusted and backlighting fine-tuned for just right display of everyday office applications and lower power consumption.


Senses movement and reduces power when not in use.


Senses ambient light and adjusts screen brightness accordingly.

New low power backlight design

Keep the same brightness but deliver low power consumption.

Zero Power Switch

Zero power consumption with 0 watt hard switch.
With the flick of the 0 watt hard switch, which is conveniently located at the back, you can completely cut-off your monitor from AC power. This results in zero power consumption reducing your carbon footprint even further.
Conventional monitor consume less than 0.03 watt while power off, but it still consume some power. With Philips zero power switch, the monitor consumes 0 watt while turning off the power.

Super energy efficient design for maximum power savings.

Using new energy saving design with a super-efficient power supply, this monitor achieves a higher energy class, while giving excellent performance. Power efficient feature uses a new LED backlight technology which maintains brightness and color using significantly less energy; makes a big difference when using many monitors or even just one.


+Environmental benefits

Philips is committed to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials across its monitor range. All body plastic parts, metal chassis parts and packing materials use 100% recyclable materials. In some selected models we utilize up to 85% post-consumer recycled plastics. Strict adherence to RoHS standards ensures substantial reduction or elimination of toxic substances, like Lead and Mercury have been eliminated in monitors with LED backlight completely.


+More than a screensaver

During an ordinary day at the office, employees undertake a great number of activities away from their desk. Meetings, client visits, lunch and the casual coffee breaks could easily add up to three hours a day. Unlike the ordinary screensaver, the PowerSensor reduces the amount of energy it consumes by dimming monitor brightness every time the user is away.

This automatically helps to save money and energy with no effort at all. More importantly, as the PowerSensor operates entirely independently from the PC, it can provide greater energy-saving benefits compared to what any PC power saving set up can achieve.


+Instant operation

The PowerSensor saves power and money as soon as it is plugged in. As long as the user is in front of the monitor it operates at full brightness. The moment the user leaves, the sensor will detect their absence and the monitor immediately reduces brightness and energy consumption. The PowerSensor has no delay in response time meaning that as soon as the employee returns to his normal work position, the monitor instantly wakes up without any manual interference.